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November 20th Pakistan vs Srilanka Amazing Moment | Power of Prayers

On November 20 , 2011 , When the 4th ODI between Srilanka and Pakistan was being played. At a stage when srilanka was doing well and the scoreboard was
Score : 135/3
Overs : 34.3
The cameraman moved his camera to the crowd where a Pakistani girl was praying for the success of Pakistani team. Srilankan Commentator Russel Arnold said the following statement
"I don't think The prayers are gonna help at this stage"
and soon after this silly statement , wickets started to fall
4th wicket at 155
5th wicket at 156
6th wicket at 161
7th wicket at 168
8th wicket at 168
9th wicket at 174
10th wicket at 174
and they lost 7 wickets in 19 runs. and Pakistan won by 26 runs
and Allah Almighty showed the importance of Prayers.

Please skip the video 8:46 to see the proof

Uses And Limitations Of Website Design Templates

Most of the people and businesses are tempted to opt for ready-made website templates. There are various perceived benefits to using a website template, which are given below:ProsThe website templates are ready-made and easily available in different styles and designs all over the internet.There is no cost involved in downloading most templates, however many website design companies sell attractive templates at reasonable rates.There is no delay in time involved. All that needs to be done is adding headings and content to the website, the rest is ready for use.A little prior knowledge of website designing can enable a person to modify and tweak certain aspects of the website template and create a different look.Even with all the benefits and relative ease of setting up a template-based website, they are not widely used by most professional organizations and businesses. Most of them opt for professional looking business website design created by reputable design companies. B…