Sunday, August 14, 2011

Habeebi Ya RasoolAllah With Lyrics - Muhammad Milad Raza Qadri

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Habeebi Ya RasoolAllah Lyrics In Roman English

Habeebi Ya RasoolAllah

Habeebi Ya RasoolAllah, Habeebi Ya RasoolAllah

Everytime I am troubled by a storm of burden in my life,
your name alleviates my pain Habeebi Ya RasoolAllah.

A lamp whose rays did reach and touch upon all corners of this scope,
you are the light that’s in our hearts Habeebi Ya RasoolAllah.

How can a tongue do overpraise when God Himself praises you?
your praise will live to see no end Habeebi Ya RasoolAllah.

In this cruel world there are those who are close to you so dear to you,
I long to stay beneath their shade Habeebi Ya RasoolAllah.

You’re the reason for everything existing and I supplicate,
I live to serve your family Habeebi Ya RasoolAllah.

In this blessed month Allah sent us a mercy to the universe,
it truly is the greatest gift Habeebi Ya RasoolAllah

On Judgement day when all will fear to stand and speak before their Lord,
upon that day we’ll rise and say Habeebi Ya RasoolAllah

Habeebi Ya RasoolAllah, Habeebi Ya RasoolAllah

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